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4 Sep

September is the start of something new!


Posted by: Kristen Vettraino

The first weeks of fall often seem more like a new year than the beginning of January does. This year’s events are certainly solidifying that notion for me. 

I’m so very pleased to announce that I am embarking on a new career as a Mortgage Agent. Having completed a certification course earlier this year, I have joined Canada’s top Mortgage Company, Dominion Lending, and am licensed and ready to start helping people get financing for their homes!

I’m currently working with a mentor and am backed by a professional team so even though I’m a rookie I’ll be able to help you get the best deal suited for your needs. 

If this seems like a far cry from teaching yoga, it is and it isn’t. I was approached by a devoted student of my classes (an industry professional) who explained to me that the job of a mortgage agent requires that I help clients, listen to their needs and explain things to them so they can understand and make informed decisions. It is already my job to listen, help and explain as I teach and now I have an opportunity to do it in another way. 

It actually wasn’t hard for him to convince me of something I otherwise never would have imagined for myself in a million years. Especially after just having dealt with a mortgage agent for the first time. Our real estate agent had recommended to my husband and I that we meet with her. There were many reasons I was glad we hadn’t just gone to a bank. And I was amazed that this service came at no cost to us. She clarified our requirements and gave us hope and clear goals. I’m looking forward to being that person for many people in the future. 

My work begins now as I try to make contact with potential clients. Please let me know if you are in need of my services and feel free to pass on my information to friends and family. Referrals are going to be the key to my success. 

Wish me luck on my new path.