General Kristen Vettraino 1 May

As a casual fan of semantics and etymology and I wanted to share a little background for the word and use of “Mortgage”. I remember that during my initial mortgage licensing course, I found it interesting that mortgages were a way for regular folk (serfs, plebes, proles if you like) to obtain property for themselves […]

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Analyzing BMO’s Go-Fixed Advice

General Kristen Vettraino 25 Mar

“Some argue that the “best” mortgage strategy is picking the lowest possible rate, every time. That’s a horrible plan if the mortgages you pick have prepayment and refinance restrictions that cost you more than the rate savings. But assuming you chose reasonably flexible mortgages, this strategy would have served you well the majority of the […]

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Home-buying 101

General Kristen Vettraino 15 Nov

Great video to learn the very basics of purchasing a home. Enjoy!          

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September is the start of something new!

General Kristen Vettraino 4 Sep

The first weeks of fall often seem more like a new year than the beginning of January does. This year’s events are certainly solidifying that notion for me.  I’m so very pleased to announce that I am embarking on a new career as a Mortgage Agent. Having completed a certification course earlier this year, I […]

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